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Where’d You Go, Motivation?

What a way to start out a blog, huh… typing about procrastination. The little rascal that always manages to get the best of us, one way or another. Good thing there are ways to avoid procrastination. Thing is, however, you must be determined if you want to surpass the little trouble maker. If you’re not determined, there’s no way procrastination will let you pass through the door. Not that easy anyways.

Think of it like a game. If you choose to play a game, and yet not bother with the controls because you’re ‘too lazy’, or you’re just not motivated to, then procrastination has already won its own game. You can’t win it without getting hold of the controls first. And you can’t win if you don’t at least attempt to play the game. In that case, if you need to get something done, you’ve got to bring in your good ol’ friend motivation, and play the game. Like it or not.

Usually, it’s just best to figure out techniques in order to avoid procrastination instead of later dragging yourself through a pile of regrets. Some things to consider is maybe have yourself some motivational posters (Like Shia Labeouf), stretch out the things you need to accomplish during the week instead of cramming it all in one sitting, temporarily block social websites in order for you to focus on what needs to be done, or just… not wait at the last possible second to do that pile of homework that’s been sitting around for god knows how long. Look at it. It’s already giving off  those vibes of soon-to-be future anxiety.

Having that in mind, why not jump off the lazy train and at least get something finished off that heavy plate of yours? If you don’t do what needs to be done, you might as well be familiar with the consequences. Things such as, oh I don’t know… failure? I’ve recently heard that’s very much a common fear for everyone. The fear of failure. I’ll just have you know, I fear of failure as well. Which may be why my parents sometimes consider me as a ‘workaholic’. All I really do is just get things done without hesitation. You must keep in mind though, that in the end of it all you’ve got to do what needs to be done. No matter what. So you might as well finish what needs to be done now, than wait the last minute.

With that set of mind in action, you can accomplish anything.



3 thoughts on “Where’d You Go, Motivation?

  1. Definitely a great way to start out a blog! 👍 procrastination is one of many obstacles that stands in our way of becoming successful. I needed some definite steps to get rid of procrastination and your blog has helped a lot! Thanks 😊👍

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  2. I HEART THIS POST!!!!!!! Procrastination is exactly what you called it – a ‘little rascal’!! It’s always finding its pesky little way into lives – I know that little maniac tends to sneak its way into my world, more times than I’m really happy to admit! I love your list of ‘procrastination hacks’; these are perfect!!! I know that ‘lazy train’, and I laughed at your description of the pile of homework that’s ‘giving off those vibes of soon-to-be future anxiety’!!! That cracked me up! This is such an awesome and motivating post!!

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