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The Enemy of Creativity

Ever find yourself staring at an intimidating blank piece of space? One day, telling yourself that you actually plan to maybe write a short story. Or draw a little something to get those creative juices flowing for the day. Yet once you grab that paper and pencil, or open up that Word Document to start on your new personal journey, literally nothing comes to mind? Then you just find yourself staring at a piece of empty space for god knows how long. In the end, you tell yourself ‘maybe another day’.

There are many negative elements in which prevents us from letting our own, inner creative juices to flow along properly. However, the most worst diabolical enemy of creativity is… self doubt. The overwhelming feeling of having that empty bottomless pit in your stomach; the feeling of never being good enough. Everyone deals with self doubt every once in a while, which is normal, however when it comes to actually getting something done – self doubt usually prevents one from taking the perfect opportunity to hop onto the Creativity Train.

Of course, there are ways to overcome that horrible feeling from taking its toll. I will only be listing a few though, since I’m still managing to defeat it myself!

First off, you must quit making excuses. Tough, I know. Often, before people even begin their creative journey, they’re blocked by their own excuses : The “what if’s”. Maybe one would be afraid to look bad, or afraid to take on more than one can handle. This is what I say: Stop holding yourself back. Think about all the opportunities you’ve let down that you could have taken and mastered. Don’t let those poor excuses overcome you. Don’t let those excuses define you. How can you fear of looking bad when you haven’t even begun that creative journey?  How can you be afraid of taking on more than you can handle if you didn’t even brother to experience it? Stop making up unreasonable excuses. Break down that excuse of a mental barrier, and regain control.

Another little tip to get rid of self doubt is having self-compassion. To not only to care and love others, but love yourself as well. Simply being kind to yourself can not only boost your mental health and self esteem, but also reduce an abundance anxiety – which goes hand in hand with self doubt. Your self-criticism and self-judgment really does scratch up a mentally painful scar; don’t be cold-hearted towards yourself, and always keep in mind that being imperfect is normal. That not one being is perfect. I tend to forget this often honestly, however it never does hurt to be reminded of it.

Lastly, trust in yourself and your values. When it comes to making quick decisions with little information, self doubt cripples our ability to make those important decisions. However, when you know what you stand for… and what is important to you, it becomes easier to make those tough decisions.


Don’t make excuses. Love yourself. Trust in yourself and your values… then you may have a chance to defeat self doubt, and free your creativity from its cage. Good luck. : )


2 thoughts on “The Enemy of Creativity

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Self-doubt is our own biggest obstacle! But, you reminded me of the things that need to remain in focus to continuously defeat self-doubt: stop the excuses and the ‘what ifs’ (I know those way too well), have compassion for yourself and others, and above all – believe in yourself. Just being reminded of these simple, yet wildly profound ways to inspire yourself was exactly what I needed today! 🙂 Great post!!

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