Naked w/ Black Socks

Alright, new day. Time for a new experience – a little switch up, perhaps. Since I couldn’t really think of anything to post for this week, I thought I’d do a little daily prompt! Cut me some slack, it’s Friday. Now, onto the prompt:

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

Ever since day one, I’ve never been comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. Period. I’m the type of student that would sit either at the middle or way back of the class. I’m usually considered by most as a very shy and reserved type. If you truly knew me by person though, one on one, I can be a very outgoing and charismatic individual. However… when it just generally comes to big groups of people, I’m as silent as a library can be. It’s rather complicated.

I never enjoyed public speaking. It’s just one of my many fears that feels impossible to get over with. I’m usually told that there’s no need to be so nervous, and that it’s just speaking in front of a couple bored teenagers that have better things to do than just listen to me present a speech or a PowerPoint. Ohh boy, how I would love to believe in that. No matter how hard I try, I always get so anxious of it all. Just the little thought of it makes my palms sweat. The way they just stare at you, mentally judge your appearance, judge what you say and do – that’s just enough for me to make up some sort of lame excuse to go hide in the bathroom until the bell rings.

At times, I really do wish I didn’t have this fear of public speaking. At times, I would find myself searching up tips on how to not get so anxious of little things such as that. But when it all comes down to it… when the day comes, I just lose all self control. Thoughts are all over the place. Suddenly locked in place, unable to make any comfortable movement. Heart beats faster at every passing second as if its about to pop. Constant stuttering. I guess I’m just not one that would ever find peace at public speaking. Maybe I’m just not meant for the little simple, easy-sounding task.


One thought on “Naked w/ Black Socks

  1. YOU ARE SO NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! Public speaking is something that, truly, is not for everyone – nor (IMHO) should be forced onto people in a way that induces mass stress and/or anxiety. I am a talker, and will talk to anyone or anything…I absolutely love public speaking!!! However, there are so many people that just don’t prefer to speak in front of crowds, and there is no reason that they need to speak in front of crowds. We are a 21st-century society…we telecommunicate, we web-conference, we work one-on-one. Unless we choose a career path that included the necessity for public speaking/presenting – more often than not – this generation will need to just have stellar interpersonal skills that include knowing how to work one-on-one with someone! And that, I am positive, is a trait that you have in abundance!! 🙂

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