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Everyday Struggle of a Creative Individual

My god, where do I begin? It is said that creative people get bored easily, day dream more often than they regularly should, or just wander off at the most unexpected of times. Well, guess what, you’re right about that – but listen, we really can’t help it. Our minds are just so constantly active, so constantly bored of ‘staying awake’ in the real world that we have to let our minds wander into the depths of anywhere but life itself. And as we let our mind wander, you may recognize our sudden “A-HA!” moments coming from completely out of nowhere while possibly giving one of our parents a near heart-attack. Yeah… sorry about that, but really now- we cannot help ourselves.

There may be days where you would find us overly creative individuals just doing the most ridiculous of things. Like lying face-up on the floor, for example. Or staring at a blank wall. Those days, are the days where both inspiration and creativity go on a vacation. During those days, we do whatever we can to call them back. These odd days of ours may last from a few weeks to a couple of months. It may vary, time to time. However, once we do get struck by inspiration with a few sprinkles of creativity on top, we would immediately try to get to work on it as quick as we can. And by work, I mean isolating ourselves to do our own little project in peace. It’s not because we just choose to do that, we’re usually just the type that would avoid as much contact as possible to keep those creative juices flowing.

However, once we have the perfect project in mind, you may find us suddenly getting frustrated, googling how to do this or that, head desk-ing the table – just, in basic terms, emotionally and physically struggling like any everyday artist would. Or writer. Either way, the struggle is equally painful. Sounds like the easy life? Why do you just… go grab yourself a paper and pencil, and try drawing/writing something that no one has ever thought of. You heard me.

I’ll give you all day.

Setting that aside, generally it may seem like the good life to be a constantly creative person. And in some way, it is. There are its pros and cons, like everything else, but when it all comes down to it… it really just depends on one’s viewpoint on the subject at hand, and how much the person knows about it.


One thought on “Everyday Struggle of a Creative Individual

  1. I just love your writing! I cannot get enough of these blog posts! I LOVE this post, and I love the fact that you openly expressed a super true fact that creativity can be fleeting; it can come and go in seconds! The way you describe anything/everything is funny, insightful, witty, creative and just plain awesome!! I know these ‘creative void moments’ well – the times when you just feel like a vacuum has sucked out all the creative energy, just for it to come back in buckets a day later! This was such a great post!! #Inspired

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