A Week None Like Before

Before I get started- I know I haven’t generally posted much about creativity for a couple of weeks, and I encourage you to guess why. Thought of a reason yet-? No? Okay well, it’s because my creativity casually decided to take a nice break and go on a vacation. Leaving me behind in the dark, of course. Checked my calendar a few times, and I honestly thought creativity should be back by now. Guess what-it’s not.

…Now without further adieu, here is my “filler post” for this week.

Not that I’m a special child or anything, but this year I’ve been taking school online. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? Wrong. The first few weeks are easy as pie, but when it comes to daily piles of works to do- my god, does it have an effect on one’s day-to-day routine. However, this week is none like any before. This week is the most busiest I’ve probably ever been, compared to many others. Received about 30 assignments to do at the start of Monday; I managed to kick those numbers down a few notches, but I’ve still got a bunch of work to do. On top of that, finding time to study.

Just yesterday was my birthday, so as you can imagine, that day was mostly canceled from me doing any schoolwork. By the end of the day yesterday, when everyone was settled down, I somehow stuffed in some time to finish a small pile of homework. Today; dentist appointment and, lucky me, my cousin plans on spending the night tonight. I know family time is important, but come on- why now? Why this week, of all weeks? Honestly, I just wish I could control time – pause it for as long as I want, finish all my work, then un-pause time and enjoy my week off. But nope. Life rather decides to go the complicated route than the easy route. Woohoo.

Tomorrow; many cousins are going to come by and wish me a belated birthday, hand over gifts maybe, stay for coffee and cake- I can’t. I can’t do school work while family is around because that’d be considered rude. I may have some in the morning to finish up all my assignments, but I highly doubt that. Time flies by, you and I both know that. Surely. Guess what, my week gets even more stressful than that – Sunday, I have to go to my friend’s birthday party. No idea how long it’ll last, but I do know I’ll have to be there around 5 pm. Hopefully, I’ll finish all my assignments(including a couple of projects yayy) before visiting, but… ugh. I don’t even know. It’s so overwhelming. Wouldn’t be surprised if I grow a few grey hairs because of all this stress, haha!!

Alright well, enough ‘wasting time’ for me. I’ve got to tackle time and go into a full-time boxing battle around…oh, right now.


One thought on “A Week None Like Before

  1. I TOTALLY GET IT!!!!!!!!! Why is it that, during the weeks when there is very little going on, it seems like there’s not a lot that actually needs to be done!! However, when the crazy, ridiculously busy weeks show up – there seems to be quadruple the amount of stuff that needs to get done!! It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya!! The one great thing, though, about the crazy, hectic weeks = they seem to fly by in an instant! That’s great, for the stress element, but I guess it’s not-so-great for appreciating the moment element?! See, vicious cycle, I tell ya!! I hope that your week was fabulous, just the same, and you had a blast with your family and friends!! BTW – your creativity is not on hiatus…it continues to be fabulously present!!! 🙂

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