MBTI: Welcome to My World

INFJ. Considered as one of the most rarest, yet most misunderstood sign in the list of the MBTI. Otherwise known as “The Advocate”, they make up less than 1% of the population. Even so, they say INFJs leave their own little mark on the world one way or another.

Whether I shall take that piece of information as a blessing or a curse, I’ll have you know that I’m one of them.

That small 1%. I honestly cannot even comprehend that percentage out of the whole population of the world. It’s so mind blowing just to think that, INFJs, including myself, barely even exist. Shouldn’t we feel special, huh? Well guess what, I literally feel the complete opposite of what most would think- I feel much more lonely than special, really.

Since us INFJs are the rarest of the bunch, its difficult for us to find anyone that actually understands. I always feel misunderstood no matter how much I try explaining myself, especially when it comes to proving one thing of another. In the end, its just pointless- they don’t understand, and they never will. Rarely would there ever be that click of understanding- and you have no idea how much we crave for that feeling, everyday.

Before I found out about my personality type, I thought I had some sort of rare disorder. It only “made sense” at first for the time being; it was my “logical” reason for explaining why I was the way I am. Why I act the way I do. Think way I do. Until I found out who I actually am, or well, the way I really am through MBTI, it all came together like perfect puzzles pieces clicking into one artistic masterpiece.

…Only then did I begin slowly understanding myself.

  • Just because “I’m quiet”, doesn’t mean I’m not listening. I’m busy focusing on the things that aren’t being said, while taking mental notes. Unconsciously, of course.
  •  There is no such thing as a pause button on my run-on thoughts. However I use my rewind way too often.
  • Is it too much to ask that I want to save the world without being noticed?
  • No, I’m not bipolar. I’m just a very complicated emotional individual.
  • When I ask ‘How are you?’ I mean it in the most deepest, sincere way. I honestly want to know if you’re okay.
  • I can’t handle drama, but if you need to vent or are looking for advice, I’m right by your side.
I’m an INFJ. Proud to be unique, yet irritated of constantly being misunderstood.

6 thoughts on “MBTI: Welcome to My World

  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE that you are so unique, rare, and with that – awesome!!!! Being ‘The Advocate’ is such an honor, yet I get what you are saying…it’s could be a bit of an open-ended curse, because your actions don’t always have exact meaning and interpretation that people assume!! The aspect that I think is the most admirable from this personality type = the fact that many times, the INFJ’s are thought to be ‘quiet…sometimes shy’ – but really, you’re extremely insightful and are listening and taking in everything that is around you at the moment. I love that you found how your personality type explains so much!!! When I took the MBTI – my results were soooooooooo right on the money – I loved that I could understand, more, why I do the things I do! Great post!!!!

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      1. Coincidentally yes! I was on a work project and we had our personalities identified, there’s a final classification though so I was an INFJ-T. Congratulations! As I said before, welcome to my world!

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