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Short Story #1 | Driving Issues

“I was driving around looking for my friend’s party when all this sudden this fat-looking dude crossed right in front of MY CAR without any hesitation whatsoever! Man, you have no clue how much my blood was boiling at that point-” The American ranted out on over his small mobile phone, leaving a certain Brit on the other line to only sigh heavily.

“…Alfred, calm the hell d-”

“I WILL NOT CALM, ARTIE. THIS DUDE JUST COMES UP RIGHT UP IN MY DRIVING LANE WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING– NAH AH. I AIN’T TAKING ANY BULL.” he immediately shot back into his phone which hung at his shoulder, as he glared at the mentioned man behind his huge front glass of the car. The described “fat-looking dude” wore a red shirt with jeans and glasses, slowly carrying over a large jumbo-sized soda in his small arms from the looks compared to the drink and the man. Bonus points, there was even a jumbo-straw sticking out of the gigantic drink.

One hand gripped at the driving wheel, while the other rubbing his temple in obvious irritation, the blonde grumbled lowly under his breath “Lucky son of a gun, better be happy I didn’t run him over-”

“ALFRED! WATCH YOUR MOUTH!” Arthur scolded on the other side of the phone line.




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