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Short Story #2 | Cardboard Prank

“Ohh my god dude, this is gonna be so funny.” One of the guys in the handmade, blue cardboard car snickered.

“I know right? Finally gonna be able to get our own McDonalds, in our own ‘car’.” Another joked.

“Are you sure we should be doing this though?” The male in a red stripped shirt asked way in the back, standing along with the other three in the cardboard car while attempting to keep a high hold of it. “I-I mean, we could just walk in and order instead of having to get into this mess-”

“Bro, no- shut up- here comes our burgers.” The ‘driver’ hushed, unable to help keep his grin from tugging at his lips.

After the four boys went through into the regular drive-thru and ordered their burgers, oddly enough with no honking complaints from the drivers behind them, they really did begin to think that they would be getting away with their silly joke. However, by the time they reached the first window, they were automatically stopped by what it looked like, a manager, in a white tucked in shirt with a black tie.

“Exactly what are you two doing?” he asked in a bossy sort of tone, stepping up to the group of silly teenagers. The ‘driver’ groaned, looking off into the distance in slight irritation from hearing such a tone. Eyes rolling before making full-on eye contact with the man, he finally responds. “Just gettin’ us some burgers, sir.”

The manager raised an eyebrow, looking up and down at the cardboard car the teens have crafted. “…In that get up?”

“HELL YEAH! ‘Cause why not, ya know??” One of the boys in the back grinned brightly, only causing the manager to roll his eyes. “Uh-huh. Right then. Can I just ask you… four, a question?”

Each one of the boys perked, not really expecting much of that reaction. “Uh… sure?” the fake driver nodded, encouraging for the man to continue.

“How did you guys manage to make this bad boy?” The man broke out into a full grin, gently patting down at the top of the cardboard car. They hesitated.

“Well, umm…”

“Okay, well we…”

The ‘driver’ in a full black t-shirt cleared his throat, queuing the others to shut their traps. “‘Kay. Well, it all started out with my mom asking me to go to the grocery store…”


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