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Sparks of Color – Fourth of July

There goes a crackle
Then a pop
The night sky brightens in color
As faces turn and look up in awe

Kids pause their game of tag
Parents look up with a grin
As lovers go into a make-out session
While the night sky shines down upon those
Who stare up in awe

In awe of the crackle and pops
In awe of the sparks of color
In awe of such wondrous lights occurring 

...Ah, it never grows old does it?

These sparks of light continue to amaze those
The kids,

Those who look up each time to the night sky
Can't help but stare in awe
Of the crackle and pops
The spur of colorful lights
'Till the moment where it all finally dies down
Into the dark abyss

The dark abyss which is faintly lit
By various other sparkles of lights
Before being lit up once again 
By the many more fireworks to come

...Ah, it never grows old does it?



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