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How to Improve In Writing

You want to know how to write a masterpiece but don’t exactly know the right way to go about it? You’ve came to the right place. Well actually, the right post. All what I have been doing for the past three weeks was writing short stories, and surprisingly a lot of people enjoy them. Sorry for… Continue reading How to Improve In Writing

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Short Story #1 | Driving Issues

“I was driving around looking for my friend’s party when all this sudden this fat-looking dude crossed right in front of MY CAR without any hesitation whatsoever! Man, you have no clue how much my blood was boiling at that point-” The American ranted out on over his small mobile phone, leaving a certain Brit on the… Continue reading Short Story #1 | Driving Issues

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Everyday Struggle of a Creative Individual

My god, where do I begin? It is said that creative people get bored easily, day dream more often than they regularly should, or just wander off at the most unexpected of times. Well, guess what, you’re right about that – but listen, we really can’t help it. Our minds are just so constantly active, so… Continue reading Everyday Struggle of a Creative Individual